Suicide is not an Escape but a Snare

A few months ago, I heard of a couple that were going deeper and deeper into debt as their vegetable stall was becoming no longer a viable enterprise as the recession started to take hold in this nation. They then made a pact with each other to commit suicide together […]

Video Reveals Possible Reason Behind Prince’s Untimely Death.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis on June 7, 1958, the music trailblazer was best known for transgressing genres, fusing rock, pop, funk, R&B, jazz and disco. Simultaneously an explosive rock guitarist, a sinewy singer, and a sensitive and prolific songwriter, the range of Prince’s eclectic musical interests was exceeded […]

Worldwide War on Christianity

We in the Caribbean have the privilege of being able to carry our Bibles in public and worship the Lord Jesus Christ in our churches without fear of persecution or threats of violence. But as the last days continue to roll by this is something that we must learn to […]

Believers, Beware of Atheist Trolls on Facebook

Recently, and for time now I have been observing the behavior of certain posters in different Discussion Groups on Facebook. These users are referred to as “Trolls”. These Atheist Trolls are obnoxious users who set about to either directly blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ and misquote/take out of context portions […]

Remembering the Greyfriars Church

It was very early, before dawn one Sunday morning in November 2014, that an excavator belonging to Joel Ramdeen and Co, rolled unto the hallowed and historic site of the Greyfriars Church of Scotland. In decades gone by, hymns and prayers emanating upwards to God would have been heard at […]

Greyfriars 1880


Explaining Resurrection Weekend

Every year, with the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is always some confusion concerning the timing of all of these events. In this post I will try to clear up all of the confusion. In this way, we can get beyond the traditions of men […]

The Valley of Dry Bones

As the recession progresses in Trinidad and Tobago, it is important to note that if God’s people position themselves correctly, they can be immune to the ravages of financial hardships that may affect other people. The key is to prophesy (or speak) over your job, your business or any other […]

Completing the Temple

Santa Cruz – getting ready for the Last Wave

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, places often received their names based on the experiences that men had with God at that location. For example, when Jacob wrestled with God and was renamed Israel, he called the place Peniel, which literally means Face of God. Genesis 32:30 30 […]

2016 The Last Wave

So many calamities are happening, some natural and some man made, most definitely we are now at the cusp of a new move of the Spirit of God. But like all the other moves of the Spirit, God’s people must come together in one accord and pray this move in.  […]

The River Euphrates

This video was created from the audio track of a radio message that was aired in Trinidad and Tobago on November 21, 2015. In this message the importance of the river Euphrates is discussed, and its role in these last days. It is now quite apparent that the sixth trumpet […]