2017 – will this be the big year? 4

With the eight Lunar Tetrad since Jesus Christ walked the earth with men starting in April 2014, what is on everyone’s mind is how soon will the Rapture be? Some people just dismiss the thought with “no man knows the day or the hour” and carry on with their daily affairs. But is this the correct approach? Just carrying on an usual, not being bothered much about anything.

What keeps coming to my mind is the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Five were wise and five were foolish. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge and experience. Below is a video that shows 10 Biblical Interpretations that reveal the most likely return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be in 2017. While this is NOT a prophetic declaration, it still should be something to think about:

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4 thoughts on “2017 – will this be the big year?

  • Ricky Mc Millan

    Wow! Wow! That is quite interesting, numbers, times, years, how it put together is really something to think about. But every thing is pointing to 2017, why that year? Many (so called men of GOD) people made calculations and they never came to pass! I see many things come to pass from what the Bible says, but 2017?

    • Admin Post author

      Hello Ricky, thanks for taking the time to watch this video. Firstly, this is NOT a prophecy, so if nothing happens in 2017, no one can say that I am a false prophet. These are however interpretations that are tied to events.

      There is definitely a pattern here, to be on the safe side, BE READY, because within a split second it will be all over, no second chances.

  • Stephen T. McCarthy

    This was very interesting. I like how you approached it from myriad angles utilizing a variety of modes of interpretation (e.g., Scripture, Numerology, etc.)

    Say, is this the same “Heavy Revy” who was recommending the book ‘The Problem Of Life With God’ by Tommy Nelson at Amazon.com?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    • Admin Post author

      Hello D-FensDogg,

      Thank you for your positive comments. No relation to this “Heavy Revy” on Amazon.com.