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Suicide is not an Escape but a Snare

A few months ago, I heard of a couple that were going deeper and deeper into debt as their vegetable stall was becoming no longer a viable enterprise as the recession started to take hold in this nation. They then made a pact with each other to commit suicide together […]

Believers, Beware of Atheist Trolls on Facebook

Recently, and for time now I have been observing the behavior of certain posters in different Discussion Groups on Facebook. These users are referred to as “Trolls”. These Atheist Trolls are obnoxious users who set about to either directly blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ and misquote/take out of context portions […]

Explaining Resurrection Weekend

Every year, with the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is always some confusion concerning the timing of all of these events. In this post I will try to clear up all of the confusion. In this way, we can get beyond the traditions of men […]