Electronic Tattoos

Start-up company MC10 is breaking new ground with the development of flexible electronics. Recently the company was able to raise US$60 million in funding to do further development. The company refers to this product as a “Biostamp” or “wearable tech” and it is a capable of stretching, flexing and moving with the body, redefining the interface between humans and electronics.

The Biostamp can measure a variety of physiological functions: data from the brain, muscles, heart, body temperature, even hydration levels. The company sees the possible uses of these “invisible” sensors for health purposes, and to cause the adoption of wearable electronics.

At present the drawback with this technology is that the sticker will only work for a few days at best, however, with more research and development this kind of technology may find itself to be a viable replacement for the intrusive RFID microchip implants that are now being used.

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