Space Videos

Here are some videos that I consider to be quite interesting. This first video beautifully captures the first of 3 amazing signs that took place in the sky from 20 May- 6 June 2012. Curiously enough, it was in May of 2012 that we started marketing our first book in Trinidad & Tobago. There is also a significant spiritual meaning behind these events.

On June 4, 2012 there was a Partial Lunar Eclipse, the video below explains this event quite well:

This next video explains the Transit of Venus. Back over 130 years ago, in late 1882, Massachusetts astronomer David Peck Todd traveled to California to photograph the transit of Venus from the summit of Mount Hamilton, where a solar photographic telescope made by the renowned optical firm Alvan Clark & Sons waited among the stacks of bricks and timbers from which Lick Observatory was rising. As the transit unfolded on December 6th, Todd obtained a superb series of plates under perfect skies. His 147 glass negatives were carefully stored in the mountain vault, but as astronomers turned to other techniques for determining the scale of the solar system (see “The Transit of Venus: Tales from the 19th Century,” by William Sheehan, Sky & Telescope: May 2004, page 32), the plates lay untouched and were eventually forgotten.

Digital imaging technology made reanimating Todd’s transit images a comparatively simple undertaking. The result, which premiered at the International Astronomical Union’s general assembly in Sydney in July 2003, shows Venus’s silhouette flickering strangely as it marches across the Sun’s face. It’s the shadow-show of an astronomical event that occurred when Queen Victoria sat on the throne of Great Britain and Chester Arthur was president of the United States — a moving record of an event seen by no one now living, and a preview of what millions will see for the last time in their lives on June 5-6, 2012.

For the spiritual significance of these three astronomical event see this video:

New Activity in space as 2013 starts off, on the Morning of February 15, a Meteorite crashes into Russia. About 400 persons suffered injuries, most of them minor, as windows popped out as the spaces rock zoomed by at super speed and then impacted the earth at a safe distance away from the city.

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