Gospel of PerfectionThe month of May 2012, was a special month for us. It marked the beginning of our advertising efforts for this message, which is basically the Perfection of the Saints. This ministry obtained this message since the year 2010, which caused the initiation of our Radio outreach in February of that year.
We honestly believe that this month marked the beginning of the separation of the ‘virgins’ into the categories of the Wise and the Foolish (Matthew 25:2).

Spiritual Wisdom is a key and critical element in these final last days. It is only with an acceptable level of Wisdom that the believer will be able to ensure that all the proper preparations are being made in order to qualify for the Rapture, which will be a one off split second event.

The parable does indicate that some believers will be left back, but the net effect of all the decisions that we make from here on in, will determine our ultimate destiny.

For residents of Trinidad and Tobago, this Book can be purchased at the following outlets:

The Promise Bookstore, on the compound of the Family Focus Broadcasting Network/ I.S.A.A.C. 98.1FM,
105 Woodford Street, Newtown, Port of Spain 628-0904

Christian Booksellers, Corner of Edward & Duke Streets, Port of Spain. 623-2536

Jerusalem Arise Christian Supplies
24 George Cabral Street, St. James 628-1155


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3d cover TTWUReleased August 2014 – The Two Witnesses Unveiled; Their Acts Revealed.

This is another ground breaking e-Book from G. Max Gooding. A major key to understanding the last days is to be able to accurately identify who are the Two Witnesses. Not only are the Witnesses clearly identified, but the starting and finishing dates of their 1260 day message is also given.

With this information, the 7 years of Tribulation have been locked down…. and a tremendous amount of additional information, kept secret until now is provided. No serious believer in Christ should be ignorant of what is contained in this 96 page eBook. Click on the picture to get more information and to purchase this life changing eBook.

3d cover eTGOPThe Gospel of Perfection is now also available in a lower cost eBook format. The Church really needs to start understanding that nothing that is imperfect will make it in the Rapture. The Bride has to be absolutely PERFECT! To deny this fact is to set up yourself for a huge disappointment when the Rapture takes place.

This is a 123 page eBook, click on the picture to find out more or to purchase this Protocol Manual for the last days Church.