Testimony of Dr Derek Prince

Testimony of Dr Derek Prince


Derek Prince (1915 – 2003)









Dr Derek Prince was born in India of British parents, he was educated in England as a scholar of Greek and Latin at Eton College prep school and at the University of Cambridge. He held a fellowship in ancient and modern philosophy at King’s College, Cambridge. While serving with the British army in World War II, he began to study the Bible and became a Christian.

Prince, who had lived in Israel off and on since the 1940s, had a teaching and healing ministry that spanned some six decades. His daily radio program, “Today With Derek Prince”, reached more than half the world and included broadcasts in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Malagasy, Mongolian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish and Tongan.

A controversial though popular Bible teacher known for his logical and reserved teaching style, Prince wrote more than 45 books about the Holy Spirit, faith, marriage, deliverance ministry, healing, prayer and fasting, and God’s destiny for Israel. His The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Handbook has been translated into more than 60 languages.

“I really believe he is going to be remembered as one of the leading teachers in the charismatic renewal, and one who helped save the charismatic renewal from extremes,” said author Stephen Mansfield, who is writing a biography about Prince and was with him days before he died. “He always tried to ensure that his teaching was solidly biblical.”

What is intriguing about the video below is how the Lord explained to him the corporate workings of Church from its inception right up until its exit. He understood that the Pentecostal wave was not to be the last, but one greater than that, which will be the final wave is yet to come. I believe that this wave is “The Perfecting of the Saints”.


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